About Us


Who we are

Ability Action is a charitable non-profit organisation.

For people with  disabilities and their family finding opportunities and friendships in running their own workplace and creating a safe place to land when things get tough.

Ability Action was founded in July 2017 by Sandra (Domenica) Schirripa Sunstrom.


The reason for this group

  • No social inclusion for disabled individuals for 25+
  • Developed in response to feedback from families within the community
  • Over 30,000 disabled individuals with a disability within the Knox and Monash area and is on the increase.
  • Lack of any such existing space in SE Melbourne
  • People with disabilities, their families and carers are at risk of being socially isolated, due to their differing requirements for support and understanding of their needs.
  • Parents, carers and the disabled face a unique set of challenges.
  • Cost of current respite is prohibitive to most families which causes family separation.