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If you drop the D in disability all you have is ability

Welcome to Ability Action Inc, we are a Not for profit (NFP) organisation with DGR status.


Domenica (Schirripa) and Jon Sunstrom

Jon and Sandra, cofounders of Ability Action Inc. have two young adults with disabilities in their thirties. Sandra has been working as an Emotional Therapist/ Life Coach and a Reiki master for over 30 years. Jon is a step dad and works as a Gonstead Chiropractor. Since 2004 they run their own business in Mulgrave.

In 2017-2018, Sandra was invited to attend a leadership program called opening doors where she became a graduate. From this program, amazing friendships formed and the inspiration for our project Ability Action Inc. supporting Ability Wanderers started. We have always wanted to create change and because of our hardship and not been able to find help in our most hardest time of need.

We knew change had to happen as there was so much social isolation in families and young adults with disabilities and steady increasing.

Through our pain we found passion and through our passion we found our vision Ability Action Inc.

A community hub for families, carers and adults with disabilities when things get tough.
Supporting and Learning new coping skills, forming friendships, self-esteem and confidence. Embracing the community to become a part of our vision.

Our board

Our Vision

We will inspire the community with the Passion and understanding to interact, bringing forth acknowledgement and pride to exceptional people, to see the ability beyond the disability. They will have the power of freedom to never be alone, Ability Action Inc., our first stepping-stone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a stand of strength and support which will provide a foundation of respect compassion and understanding for young adults with disabilities their families and carers, a community hub, a safe place to land when life/things get tough. We are committed and dedicated to enable them to be fully self-expressed to achieve their goals.

Future Projects

Allowing people with disabilities to create activities, learn new skills and reach their full potential.

Relaxation and Recharge
Art and craft
Music and Dancing

We are so excited to bring a fresh new concept, giving people with disabilities and their families a purpose, embracing the community into creating interaction and friendship in a safe environment

How To Become A Volunteer?

As a volunteer you will be helping to create change for families and young adults with disabilities. You will assist with programs to empower individuals.

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Show your support to make our vision a reality. Every dollar you donate to Ability Action goes towards creating opportunities for people with a disability.

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